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From Germany to all around the world by Merkur Imex

We are your consultant in international trade
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From Germany to all around the world by Merkur Imex

We are your consultant in international trade
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International Import - Export

Merkur Imex as an international company that provides import-export services is an expert in facing many challenges and requirements of this sector. Working in a changing environment for more than 20 years gives us enough experience dealing with the market’s needs. As an import-export company, we always face with changes in legal provocations in international and local markets, we know how to deal with the laws and rules that govern this industry.

Since each country throughout the world has its own unique laws that regulate transportation and import-export services, the activities surrounding the way a private company deals with these regulations can be confusing and overwhelming. Often it results in your imported/exported goods being held in customs for an indefinite amount of time if you are not familiar with the laws of a country that you would like to have business with. We as an experienced export-import and logistics service provider offer you the benefits of having your import-export process handle by Merkur Imex GmbH to secure these challenging aspects of your business.

We are expert in providing you with:

  • Import-export and custom brokerage services all around the world.
  • International transportation from your source to any destination.
  • Find reliable sources, dealing with them, and getting the best Price for your demanded goods.
  • Finding new markets and buyers for you all around the world.

This company is able to supply any type of paper and pulp you need in any volume and quality you want.

  1. FBB
  2. Greyback
  3. Newsprint
  4. Offset printing
  5. Kraft liner and test liner
  6. Pulp Soft and hardwood

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We are expert in sourcing high-quality wood products and raw wood provider and we work with big names in this industry for many years we can provide all rages of wood you need:

  • Wood
    • Oak
    • Beech
    • Birch
    • Ash
    • Poplar

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We are by your side in supplying the following precious metals, both pure and in solution:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Rhodium,
  • Platin,
  • Palladium…

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