Showing respect to people and Myself.
As a Trading company, we feel that we have a particular responsibility for the well-being of our employees and their personal development.
We treat one another openly and honestly, stick together, and listen to one another.
We enjoy our work because we work together in a successful team. We laugh together and also laugh at ourselves as an expression of our vitality.
We carefully observe the developments inside and outside our company to seize opportunities and anticipate risks.
We see ourselves as being cosmopolitan. This implies, as a matter of course, a cross-cultural attitude, tolerance, as well as a decent and respectful demeanour.
We have always been committed to an environmentally friendly way of using the world’s resources.
We are a performance-oriented company that strives to improve continuously.
Long-term success is more important to us than short-term profit.

Are you interested to purchase any products here in the Germany? Do you need to import something from the Germany? Merkur Imex General Trading is here to help you to receive your products as it has been requested.
We offer pre-inspection, purchase, warehousing and shipping for all type of items that you may need here in the Germany.
You just need to contact us and send your inquiry, we will make sure to locate your products and ship them to you .
We are connected to major distributors which help to provide you better rates.
Importing from the United States is very safe, easy and fast when you are using Merkur Imex General Trading.

Apart from mineral raw materials we are also active in the following trades:
• Diamonds and precious metals
• Medical equipment
• Agricultural raw materials
• Petrochemical by-products
• Food additives
• Fruit product, for the different countries such as China, Azerbaijan, India.